Our chat with Ian Bowly from Taylors Wines


With our next Wine Club dinner fast approaching we thought it would be a great opportunity to speak with Ian Bowly from Taylors Wines. Ian is no stranger to our Wine Club dinners with Taylors partnering with us in the past and he is again looking forward to sharing his knowledge, enjoying great food, wine and the company of some familiar and hopefully new faces on Tuesday 13 March.

Read our chat below…


Tell us a little bit about Taylors Wines and its history?

Taylors Wines began in 1969. The Taylor family originally from Sydney, began their search for the perfect plot of land to establish the family estate. They found it in the Clare Valley and their journey began. Their first vintage came about four years later in 1973 with the Taylors Estate Cabernet Sauvignon.

Fast forward to now and Taylors has been named as one of the ‘Top 5 Wineries in world’ by the World Association of Wine Writers and Journalists for 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016. Combine this with Taylors being announced as the most awarded winery for 2017 and you’ve got a pretty well established and respected brand which we are very proud of.


Australia is lucky to have many fantastic wine producers all over the country, what is special about Taylors? What do you do well?

Taylors is all about our people, our place and the ‘Taylors way’. Our philosophy is all about respecting the fruit and ensuring we handle this as gently as possible.  We have invested a great deal in equipment which allows us to gently press the fruit rather than crush it and the highest quality French oak barrels to age the wine.

At Taylors we also handle everything involved in the process of wine making from growing, producing and bottling to the sales and marketing of the product. This allows us to ensure the quality and integrity of our products are maintained.


What are the biggest changes in wine making in recent years and are there any upcoming trends you see coming through that will change the industry?

Without a doubt the biggest change over the last two decades has been the introduction of the screw top. Screw tops came about due to a low availability of quality corks from Portugal, with the low stocks being snapped up by the European markets, bad corks equals bad closure and can result in variations in the wine. Screw tops allow for minimal variation in the product and are a great innovation.

Other trends would be the increased popularity of natural/ organic wines and also the wine in a can trend. With the large retailers here in Australia investing in the wine in a can trend, along with its convenience factor, this is something we will see more of.


What can guests at the upcoming Yamba Golf Club Wine Dinner expect from the wines they’ll be tasting?

Taylors has been the wine partner for a few of the wine club dinners at Yamba Golf Club now and it’s always a fantastic night.

I would say that guests can expect to enjoy wines created from 3 generations of wine making knowledge. The dinners are a casual and informative evening where the focus is on the enjoyment of the wine and the food.  They are also a great way for people to learn more about wine in an informal setting and learn more directly from the winery itself.  I’ve got a lot of knowledge and I’m only too happy to share it!


Right now, what’s your favourite drop?

Being summer right now I’m enjoying a riesling, they are great for people who are into their wine. I think a lot of people still picture a riesling as something sweet but here in Australia we do a great dry riesling with lemon and lime notes, it’s a great summer option.


Dead or alive, which 3 people would you love to have around for dinner and why?

I thought you might ask me this one… I would say the GOAT- Kelly Slater, Will Ferrell and Michael Jordan. That would be a good night.



Tickets are still available for our next wine club dinner with Taylors Wines, for more details on the menu and how to book, please click here



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