Event date: Fri 04 May 2018

Performing live at Yamba Golf & Country Club on Friday 4th May 2018 from 7pm.

TANGLE is a ‘girl’ duo consisting of Tania Lockwood and Renée Amici, a unique (some say warped) collaboration formed entirely by accident.
After remarkably little faffing around, TANGLE are already establishing a signature style, re-interpreting and personalising the repertoire to make it identifiable to them alone, and also heaps of fun!  But there’s no mistaking these voices.  Powerful or gentle, smooth or distinctively grit’-n-gravel, a mixed bag of influences drew these two together to showcase an individual and sometimes offbeat lyrical style.

TANGLE touches on funk, soul, R&B, classic rock, disco, ballads and just about every other genre as well.  Just about.  No country & western… (city & eastern only, folks).

TANGLE’s ethos is to play a blast of musical memories.  Great songs with strong melodies and harmonies, imaginative lyrics, and to throw in the occasional curve ball!  Songs that speak personally to everyone in the room; songs that are etched in the minds and hearts of generations of music lovers.
Tania’s vocal and musical prowess was established amongst Aussie musical royalty, largely in the unrivaled Melbourne music scene between 1988-2010. She has shared the stage with members of LRB, Crowded House, Mondo Rock, JBT and Skyhooks; and artists such as Jack Jones, Rick Price, Ross Wilson and even the inimitable Johnny Chester.  In various bands since 1984, Renée has supported Chisel, The Eurogliders, The Angels, Divinyls, Mentals, Radiators, Choirboys, GANGgajang and Goanna.

TANGLE is worth a listen. You won’t be able to sit still.

02 6644 9727 or 0438 425 593
Tania :
02 6649 3331 or 048 753 9378

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